MA in Peace and Conflict Studies

The goal of both the MA and Certificate in Peace & Conflict Studies Program is to develop your skills in critical thinking and to teach you to analyze conflicts, their underlying causes, and how to transform and manage them in a peaceful and ethical way. The program’s inter-disciplinary nature will enhance your ability to work in an academic manner while learning the necessary analytical skills for peace studies in the following areas: psychology, media, development, civil society, education, human rights, and more.

The deadline for application to the Spring 2014 Semester is December 15, 2013!

"I have had the honor to be a professor in the Hacettepe Peace & Conflict Studies program, and can testify to the high quality of the participants, of the program in general, and the staff. The basic formula of working with one resource person for a week rather than changing every hour facilitates a much deeper contact between the professors and participants"
The "Father of Peace Studies"
Prof. Dr. Johan Galtung
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